Let there be light!

Lighting can transform your event. We have the most extensive range of electrical equipment specifically for ambient and effective lighting at events; this includes all cabling and switchboards, as well as numerous other lighting options.

Our electricians have extensive experience with all the major venues to ensure your specific product needs and your safety. We have provided lighting and power solutions for events large and small and have the capacity to cater for shows that have a high demand for power.

Set the mood at your next event!

Create an unique, ambient look with specialised globes hung around your event space. Use coloured special lighting to work with your corporate brand or event theme. Consider truss coloured lights for maximum impact.

Our electricians are experienced in all aspects of lighting options and installation and can advise you on some eye-catching options.

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For broader area lighting, we over a range of truss mounted light products with strong, wide and bright light.

These lights can cover entire stands in light and are fitted to truss that may already be hanging banners or other displays.

Truss lights can also be coloured for added effect or brand presence.

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Power outlets come in a large range of sizes (wattages/amps).

All appliances have a rating plate to show what they require to operate.

Whether you are plugging in a phone charger or a large printing machine, let our qualified electrical staff assist with your installation.

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Our large range of switchboards are of the highest of quality, wheather you require a 6 circuit/32amp 3 phase switchboard or a 400amp weather proof supply, let our qualified electrical team help with your requirements.

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ExpoNet has the latest technology in cabling, from single phase standard leads to powerlock cables to supply a concert.

Our huge range also consists of a flat 3 phase to supply a switchboard or machine without the trip hazard this would normally create.

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ExpoNet have a large range of weather proof switchboards and cabling to supply from a single outlet to a large outdoor event.

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Recent Innovations

LED Par 38

ExpoNet has invested in a cost effective, efficient, High Power LED lighting system. Benefits of the system:

• Natural white light instead of a yellow light

• Reduction in power consumption

• No heat is emitted

Flat Cable

ExpoNet has invested and developed a special 3 phase flat cable that can be installed under the carpet in public area’s reducing trip hazards for exhibitors and the public.

Power Distribution

ExpoNet has a wide range of distribution boards including weather protected, all our switchboards are what we call a cascading plug-n-play system creating easy connection & removal to minimise time required to install large suppliers.

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Put on a show with Audio Visual

Video and animated media can contribute to your event atmosphere