Happy Exhibitors means happy Organisers

With increased stand exposure and merchandising opportunities comes sales and return on investment for exhibitors. This is great news for organisers!

With ceiling to floor exhibitor upgrade options – organisers are bound to be happy too.

Upgrade options include but are not limited to shelving, raised flooring, storage rooms, brochure or clothes racks, furniture packages or audio visual enhancements.

Exhibitors have the choice to upgrade with ease!


Every exhibition is different, and we know that branding and exhibitor presentation is important to you.

We have developed a diverse range of fascia options for your Exhibitors that cover all types of style and budget.

Digital Print: We offer digital printing on all fascia styles which delivers increased opportunity for show branding

Double Height: The extra height in this fascia offers more graphic real estate for your shows unique branding

Lightbox Fascia: Create a bright fascia perfect for pavilions or select zones within your show floowplan

LED Fascia: The LED fascia is a unique option that offers scrolling and coloured text to be displayed.

Panel Upgrades

All exhibitors want to attract attention for the right reasons. Beyond regular Shell Upgrades, Exhibitors can choose to theme their stand with coloured infills, or even digital printed imagery across the entire stand.

Coloured Infills: Enhance your stands with a range of infill colour options to align with exhibitor branding.

Digital Printed Infills: Overhaul your stands with fully integrated digitally printed panels using your artwork.

Flush White Panels: For elegance and class, you can’t go past using our custom white panels for that clean flush look. Panels can be painted for dramatic feature areas.

Design Upgrades

Our talented Designers are always looking for a new challenge or design opportunity. Why not put them to good use and create a unique standard Shell Booth design specifically tailored to your exhibition?

Or perhaps group your Exhibitors together and utilise a Pavilion design to create specific zones within your show.

Browse the photos on the right for previous examples.

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Custom Stands deliver unique styling

Upgrade to full Custom design options