ExpoConnect - the power of connecting

Exponet has developed this portal with you - the Organiser - in mind. It includes our innovative, integrated platform ExpoConnect, which links you directly into our data system - ensuring your information is correctly communicated straight to our team.

ExpoConnect is an easy to use suite of tools that brings our Exhibitor Services Team to your fingertips - wherever you are. Whether you are an Organiser or Exhibitor the intuitive ExpoConnect will help you prepare for your next show with absolute ease.

For the Organiser

As an Organiser you can see in real-time how your show is progressing during the important preshow planning, you can download all of your latest up-to-date floor plans, signage and feature area concepts.

Approval of ‘Move-In Move-Out’ schedules, floorplans and signage is done with a simple and convenient click of a button and instantly shared with your ExpoNet team. Communicating with your ExpoNet Exhibition Team has never been easier!

For the Exhibitor

ExpoConnect offers an exclusive Exhibitor-only zone providing Exhibitors with the self-service tools they require to repeat past orders at the click of a button and download any invoices or statements from ExpoNet.

Approval of signage orders also happens right here in the Exhibitor zone. These time-saving tools will help to improve the exhibitors show experience and reduce the amount of repetitive tasks required to participate in multiple shows.

Onsite Response

ExpoConnect incorporates an Onsite Work Orders module to allow an Exhibitor to easily submit and track work requests during the show build.

From the Exhibitor perspective, you can see work request progress. As an Organiser this data keeps you updated during the build, and shows you the average time taken to complete tasks.

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