Merchandising made easy with secure shelving

A popular and attractive solution for displaying your products is wall mount shelving.

For more information on how to streamline your experience when ordering a shelving solution, the team at ExpoNet has compiled frequently asked queries regarding wall mounted shelving. Some of these are listed below and if you have further queries, please contact us to ensure your stand is safe and successful.



How heavy are the products you wish to place on the shelves? Consider exactly what you wish to display and get an idea of the combined weight of the products. If the overall weight is substantial (see FAQ’s for details on weight limitations) then the wall may need to be reinforced to provide greater support.


Your stand may be built using one of two systems, Octanorm or Corinthian. This will affect some of your options with regard to shelving. You need to find out which of these systems your stand is being built in before you can make decisions about placement of your shelves. To see an example of each system go to Exhibition Stands on the ExpoNet website and select the Modular Stands option.


It may help to know whether your stand is an inline, corner or peninsula stand. This may also affect where you can place your wall mounted shelving.


The size of your stand will also have an impact on where you can position shelving on your walls, a common stand size is 3 metres x 3 metres, however it could be 3 metres x 6 metres or a number of other sizes. If you are taking a standard boot , the dimensions will be specified in your Exhibitor Kit. Otherwise, the dimensions of your stand should be specified in the documentation from your Organiser.


Are you planning to remove the fascia board on your stand? Removing the fascia board will reduce the support and stability of your stand and reduce the ability to support heavy objects on your wall mounted shelving.


What is directly behind the wall panel on which you plan to attach your wall mounted shelving? Is it an aisle way or another stand? If it is another stand which also intends to place wall-mounted shelving on the same panel this may affect your options. Refer to the floor plan provided by the Organiser for further details.

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