Make your pictures work harder with Digital Signage

Have a story to tell? Want to really highlight your latest product?

Utilise digital signage solutions such as a large flat screen or a seamless wall display for maximum impact that moves, engages and can also include audio.

For more information on products you can order, see our Audio Visual range here.

LED Screens

Brilliant ideas – showcase them on a LED screen High impact exhibitions and events create memorable, focus attention and inform. ExpoNet’s LED screens are an effective and flexible visual solution ideal for any scale event or exhibition stand.

Seamless Walls

Make a big impact... really big! LED walls big, seamless but always high impact! They are comprised of a modular system of individual panels, each half a metre square.

Get creative and combine these panels to create a large video display that is ideal for atmospheric light environments.

The size and versatility of seamless walls make them fantastic for events which require visuals to be seen over long distances and cover wide areas.

Seamless walls are the best in projection technology to display images as they are not affected by ambient light in the same way as regular projection.

Artwork Specifications

We want to be sure your signage and graphics look the best they can be!

To help that happen, and to ensure a stress-free signage process, follow our detailed Artwork Specifications guide.

Download the PDF now to get started!

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Thinking of something more 3D?

See our Custom Projects section for full creative solutions.